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Energy consulting

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BEMS Sp. z o.o. offers comprehensive energy consulting for your company

Why use our energy consulting services?

Professional support in the field of power consumption has many benefits.

The most important are:

  • financial savings – energy consulting helps you find a way to reduce your company’s energy costs, e.g. by changing suppliers or changings the energy supply contract.
  • tailor-made solutions – experts, tracking daily changes in the industry, are able to provide the latest information, and with a wide knowledge of the market can match the best offer to the company’s needs.
  • confidence in action – specialists in the field of energy consulting deal with all formalities resulting from cooperation, e.g. when switching suppliers. Due to the experience in this field they perform this step correctly, thus ensuring that the company does not incur on this account any losses.
  • modern approach – When planning to expand an enterprise, the company must consider how it will affect energy consumption. Thanks to consulting services, it is possible to prepare for this step from the side of demand for energy, and also an expert can explain about the use of renewable energy sources.

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We offer help in choosing the right tariff group depending on:

  • power demand
  • voltage values
  • zoning of measurements

Contracted power is a very important component of the cost of electricity distribution. Properly selected, it allows you to keep electricity costs as low as possible. Unfortunately, in most cases the contracted power is not properly selected, so you should consider energy consulting. This avoids generating unnecessary costs. If the contracted power is too low, it generates costs for exceeding it.

However, when the contracted capacity is too high in relation to the demand, costs related to unused power multiplied by the fixed component of the network rate and the transitional fee are incurred.

The BEMS company offers energy consulting and the possibility of determining the optimal contracted capacity based on the data of the actual power consumption profile, resulting in a simulation of annual costs for ordered power. 

The calculations include the current rates of the fixed distribution fee, the transitional fee and simulate any costs resulting from over-contracted power consumption from the network as a result of reduced contracted capacity.

Therefore, the simulation of annual costs – presented by energy consultancy – is not intended to eliminate penalties for exceeding power, but to find the optimal contractual power point for which sporadic or minor power overruns will be financially more beneficial in the annual period than the annual fee for too much and mostly unused power.

We provide legal support for entities that have problems related to non-compliance with restrictions on electricity consumption or other legal and formal issues.

We analyze and present profiles of electricity consumption. This is very important information for enterprises planning modernization or implementation of new solutions, devices or energy installations. This makes it possible to determine the need to rebuild the existing electrical infrastructure in connection with planned investments.

The analysis of electricity invoices allows finding the causes of high bills and taking appropriate steps to eliminate them.

What affects the amount of charges for the distribution of electricity:

  • Extensive reactive power consumption – this fee appears as a result of exceeding the power factor parameters tgφ> 0,4. See our offer of reactive power compensation 
  • Exceeding contracted power – inadequate contracted power generates unnecessary costs.
  • Choosing the right tariff group depending on the profile of electricity consumption can reduce energy costs. The BEMS company can analyze your consumption and choose the best tariff group.

We will also analyze your natural gas invoice.