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Energy performance certificates for buildings

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The building’s energy performance certificate is a document specifying the necessary amount of energy to meet the needs of the building, i.e. energy used for heating and cooling, ventilation, hot water preparation and lighting (in the case of non-residential buildings).

Who is obligated to have an energy performance certificate of the building?

In accordance with (in Poland) the Act of 29 August 2014. (Dz.U. z 2017r. poz.1468) the energy performance certificate must be provided to the buyer or tenant when the building, part of the building or premises will be:

  • sold on the basis of a sales contract,

  • sold on the basis of a contract of sale of cooperative ownership rights to premises,

  • rented.

In addition, the owner or manager of the building, whose usable area occupied by the judiciary, prosecutor’s office and public administration bodies exceeds 250 m2 and in which customer service is provided.

An energy performance certificate shall be ordered by:
  • building owner or manager (in the case of sale or rent),

  • a person who is entitled to a cooperative ownership right to the premises (in the event of the transfer of that right),

  • tenant (in the case referred to in Article 11 (3) of the Act mentioned above).

Example of energy performance certificate for a building