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Measurements of energy systems

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The BEMS company offers you energy quality measurement services. Using special equipment we can conduct a study of minimum and maximum current, active energy, reactive and apparent power, power factor and many others. We will also carry out thermovision measurements of buildings, energy and power infrastructure as well as industrial machinery.

Below we list all of our measurements:

All measurements are made by using top quality equipment from reputable manufacturers and carried out by qualified persons. Thanks to this, we can assure You of the accuracy of our measurements, which will always be consistent with the facts.

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  • Voltage – measurement of average, minimum maximum and instantaneous values in the range up to 760V,
  • Current – measurement of average, minimum, maximum and instantaneous values in the range up to 3kA,
  • Frequency – in the range 40Hz to 70Hz,
  • Measurement of harmonics up to the 50th order in current and voltage,
  • Interharmonic measurement as groups,
  • Measurement of total harmonic distortion THD for current and voltage,
  • Measurement of crest factors for voltage (CFU) and current (CFI),
  • Measurement of short-term (PST) and long-term (PLT) light flickering (fulfilled the requirements of EN 61000-4-15 class A),
  • Asymmetry of voltages (fulfilled the requirements of EN 61000-4-30 class A) and currents,
  • Phase load symmetry,
  • Voltage loss identification.
All parameters are recorded in accordance with class A of EN 61000-4-30.

Pomiary eneretyczne

  • Thermovision measurements of buildings,
  • Thermovision measurements of the energy infrastructure,
  • Thermovision measurements of the power infrastructure,
  • Thermal imaging measurements of industrial machinery.

kamera termowizyjna

pomiar termowizyjny rurociągu

pomiar termowizyjny

  • Measurements of active (P), reactive (Q), apparent (S) power with character (induction, capacitive), deformation (D),
  • Active (EP), reactive (EQ) and apparent (ES) energy measurement,
  • Power factor measurements – tgφ, cosφ,
  • Event and voltage recording with waveforms (up to 1 s) and 10 ms RMS charts with a maximum recording time of 5 s,
  • Measurement of control signals up to 3000 Hz,
  • Transient measurement up to ± 6000 V, minimum event time 650 ns,
  • Recording of current and voltage waveforms after each averaging period,
  • Measurements of effective currents and voltages,
  • Measurement of visible light emitted by the following sources: white LEDs, fluorescent lamps, metal-halogen, high-pressure sodium, incandescent,
  • Determining the luminous intensity of individual light sources,
  • Measuring range up to 400 000 lx.